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A Delicious And Caloric Potato And Cheese Pierogi Recipe

Potato is often called the most versatile veggie in existence, and one of the most important food sources on the planet, and believe me, these flattering titles are not undeserved. These small energy storehouses are packed with carbs, vitamins A, B, C and P, minerals, iron, potassium, magnesium, and phosphorus, so it’s not really a surprise […]

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Chicken Oysters: What Are Chicken Oysters?

I’ve always found Dominique Bretodeau, a character from the French movie Amélie to be my soul mate, at least, when it comes to his eating habits. Every night, he would roast himself a chicken, carved the whole bird, but ate the chicken oysters first. Still, chicken oysters are not everyone’s “cup of tea”.  ​My husband and I, for […]

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Greek Dessert Recipes: 5 Awesome Recipes You Need To Try

Have you ever visited Greece, or been to a Greek restaurant?Have you ever tried some Greek specialty? If the answer is no, I have to tell that you’ve missed a lot! Greek cuisine has a history 4,000-year long, and it’s famous for usage of olive oil, grains, vegetables, honey, pastry, and wine. It is an interesting and […]

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How To Cook Bratwurst Perfectly And Some Recipes To Try

I’ve already mentioned how my boys love Italian sausage, but if you think that that prevents us from occasionally enjoying the German take on this amazing dish, you couldn’t be more wrong. In fact, bratwurst causes just as much mouthwatering in my home as delicious Italian sausages prepared in the oven, if not more. The distinct […]

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