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How To Peel Sweet Potatoes: Barb’s Quick And Easy Method

Yes, you read it right. Sweet potato, the incredible root vegetable that gives you nightmares. Dense sweet potatoes have a thick, difficult-to-remove skin that makes them frustrating to work with, especially given the amount of time it takes to cook them. However, sweet potatoes are nutrition-packed, full of vitamins, extremely versatile and inexpensive, so they seem like […]

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What Does Eel Taste Like: Is It Worth The Money?

Even the die-hard fish and seafood lovers have second thoughts about trying eel for the first time. Why? Well, you must admit that eel looks kind of scary and snake-like, with its elongated slimy body and big round eyes. One thing is certain – if you share this opinion, you are not alone!  This is why I […]

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