Best Smoker Thermometer Reviews 2020: Top 5+ Recommended

If you are a dedicated meat lover, you need to buy the best smoker thermometer as well and make sure that all your smoking meat adventures are a success!

I have already told you that I am a meat kind of guy, although everyone who has ever read a couple of my articles could already conclude that on their own. I cannot help it, my love for meat dominates over everything I do in my life, and therefore it is evident in my writing as well.

I have previously advised you that cooking meat is not quite that simple as it seems at first glance, especially if you want quality. When I was writing about the best wireless thermometer, I told you how critical the right cooking temperature is.

If you get the temperature right, your meat will turn out tender and succulent as it can be. Of course, undercooked meat can be a health hazard as well, so making sure that the meat is cooked well throughout is a must for health reasons as well!

Slow cooking methods such as smoking meat are especially problematic when it comes to temperature control. Consequently, you have to control both the temperature inside the smoker as well as in the center of the meat to make sure everything is lovely jobly.

How can you be 100% sure that the temperature is right where it should be?

First of all, you need a thermometer, and then, when it comes to smoking meat, a reliable meat smoking chart. This pair is sure to set you on the right path and guarantee great tasting smoked meat!

Most smokers are equipped with thermometers that exhibit the temperature inside of the chamber, but that does not guarantee that the big chunk of meat will not end up cooked on the outside and raw on the inside. If you want to avoid serving raw meat to your guests, stay tuned as we are about to find the best smoker thermometer for you!

Before you move on you might want to listen what Denise Snyder, Duke School of Nursing nutrition researcher, has to say regarding the precautionary measures you can take to reduce the risk of cancer from consuming grilled or smoked meat:

How to Find the Best Smoker Thermometer

Here are some things to consider:


In the time of the world economic crisis, most of us consider the price before anything else. The good news is that there are good smoker thermometers in all price ranges.

Basic models can be found at a great value, but they do not offer much else besides measuring the temperature precisely (that is most important of course). More expensive models offer additional equipment, extra features, or merely a better or more practical design.

Features and gadgets

Depending on how demanding user you are, you will value the quality of all the elements the smoker thermometer is made of as well as the quality of workmanship. The higher your expectations are, the higher will be the price you need to pay too.

You might also consider the number of probes, the maximum temperature, interface, alarm function, and wi-fi connection.


I always consider the warranty to be a great indicator of the quality of the product I am buying and smoker and BBQ thermometers are no exception to this rule.

The company that provides a long warranty period believes in its product, which implies that they have done thorough research and dedicated quality control before making the product readily available.

Finally, it would help if you considered my thorough reviews that are about to follow, not only because I am such a great, trustworthy guy, but also because I had really invested my time and effort to test all the reviewed smoker thermometers before I gave them a place on my list of best smoker thermometers.

My Testing Methods Revealed

I hope that you have realized by now that my primary goal is to find truly the best products out there and that, as a result, all my reviews are based on my personal experience and observations.

When I get my hands on all the thermometers I am going to review, I first unbox all of them, inspect their design and craftsmanship and then read all the manufacturer’s instructions so that I get acquainted with all of their features and make sure that I know how to use them properly.

Next, I set up my beloved smoker and prepare all sorts of meat such as pork butt, some steaks, and one whole chicken. There is no better method to test the smoker thermometer than in real-life situation, so I throw myself to cooking.

I choose thick meat portions deliberately so that I have enough time to check each thermometer. First of all, I pay attention to temperature readings and how precise they are and then consider things such as how clear the digital display is, how quickly the thermometer records temperature changes and what is the temperature range it can read.

I also take into account how the thermometer feels in my hand as well as the overall design of the unit. I note down everything and then when my meat is well done and my stomach is full, I sit down and analyze all the facts.

I believe that this is a foolproof method and thus firmly believe in my results. Of course, only time can tell how durable the thermometers are, but I sometimes cheat and check out the online reviews as well to find that out ahead.

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The Five Best Smoker Thermometers: Detailed Reviews 2020

ThermoPro TP20 Wireless Remote Digital Meat Thermometer with Dual Probe

 ThermoPro TP20 is one of the most sought of thermometers by amateurs and chefs alike. It reads temperatures of up to 716 degrees Fahrenheit (380 degrees Celsius), and if you find that the food-grade stainless steel probe does not measure the temperature correctly, the company vouches to replace it no questions asked.

The sensor also has a five-year-long guarantee so that you can be worries free while you smoke your favorite meat. Beside precise temp readings, this thermometer has a backlit screen for your evening grilling parties too. LCD shows all the information you need in a clear, easy to read way.

As this unit features two probes, you can simultaneously measure both the temperature of the pit and the food inside of it. If you are a beginner, you can rely on nine preset temperatures for different types of meat including ground beef and poultry, pork, beef, veal, lamb and fish. Moreover, you can choose your favorite level of doneness (rare, medium rare, medium or well done). Experienced grillers can also set the temperature manually.

TP20 is a remote thermometer, and thus you can enjoy your daily activities up to 300 feet away from the smoker, just don’t forget to bring the receiver with you. It has an alarm, countdown, and count-up timer, all for your convenience.


  • Accurate temperature readings
  • Preset temps and levels of doneness
  • The included receiver comes with an alarm and timer
  • 40 inches long probe cords
  • Large backlit display


  • The alarm does not signal when the temperature drops too low
  • Protruding beeping sound of the buttons

GoodGrill Wireless Meat Thermometer System

GoodGrill wireless thermometer does not come with a receiver. Instead, you can pair it with your smartphone and get all the needed alerts via Bluetooth to up to 160 feet away from your smoker. You do need to download a mobile app, but it is a simple process you should not have any trouble with.

The app allows you to choose preset temperatures for cooking your favorite meat (beef, pork, chicken, turkey, lamb, fish) but also select the level of doneness and opt between Hot Smoke, Cold Smoke, and BBQ Smoke.

The unit has a magnetic back so that you can mount it to any metal surface you find fitting. The LCD screen is big enough to read without any issues. You will receive two color-coded probes, each with a 4’ long cord. However, you can buy up to four additional probes since this thermometer is designed to support up to six probes and monitor six different cooking temperatures simultaneously. The cords can withstand high temperatures as well, while probes are very thin and will not do any significant damage to the meat.

Once your meat is cooked, you will hear a beep sound, and you can enjoy your perfectly done meat. I do find the alarm a bit too loud, and there is no option to adjust the volume, but you can switch to vibrating alert instead. Do not be fooled with the silicone probe endings – they get hot!


  • Reasonably priced
  • Lifetime warranty and free probe replacement
  • 6-channel technology
  • Accurate probes


  • Loud alarm
  • Hot silicone probe endings

MEATER 2 Unit Bundle – Wireless Smart Meat Thermometer

 This ultra-modern thermometer comes in a tiny bamboo box which is, in fact, its charger. Two wireless probes you receive look like five-inch, stainless-steel blow darts. No cables. One end goes into the meat, as usual, but the innovative feature is that there’s a second temperature sensor on the opposite exposed end. The problem might occur when you have massive cuts of meat and cannot set the ambient temperature sensor two inches from it as recommended.

The unit connects via Bluetooth with an app on your smartphone. The fact that there is no base station and you must have a phone and an app might not be ideal when you don’t want to be distracted by your phone. On the bright side, the app shows estimated remaining time and offers reliable time-temperature charts for worry-free cooking.

The internal probe can be exposed to temperatures up to 212 degrees F (100°C) while the maximum ambient temperature the unit can withstand is 527°F (275°C). It has a range of 33 feet, but walls can sometimes be an issue.


  • Excellent time/temperature chart in the app
  • A graphical record of the cooking process
  • 4 hours of continuous cooking per single charge
  • Stainless steel probes are both water-resistant, and easy to clean
  • Magnet on the back


  • Not designed for too thin or too thick cuts of meat
  • A bit pricey
  • Limited Bluetooth range

DozyAnt 2″ 550F(2 Pack) BBQ Smoker Temp Gauge Grill Thermometer

 Depending on your age, you might not be aware that things have not always been electronic and digitized. Back in the old days people who smoked meat had to rely on analog thermometers such as Dozyant 550F.

Analog thermometers have two significant advantages – they are highly precise and do not require batteries, electricity, connectivity, phone or applications. Therefore, if you prefer to keep things simple (and cheap), this unit could be right up your ally.

This particular thermometer is quite sturdy; the case is made from steel and no-fog glass lens. It has no cables that could get damaged. The unit reads the temperatures in the range from 100 to 550 degrees Fahrenheit with high accuracy and features a 3 1/8 inch dial face with a 3-inch stem.

Installing it is a breeze, you just drill an appropriate hole on your smoker, and you are (almost) done. Color-coded zones make the readings more simple (the blue smoke zone from 100 to 250 degrees Fahrenheit and the red BBQ zone from 250 to 350 degrees F). The most significant shortcoming is the inability to read the temp inside the meat.


  • Rust-resistant and able to withstand the weather elements.
  • No-fog glass – no condensation
  • No electronic parts that could cause problems
  • Cheap and precise


  • Requires calibration before use
  • Displays ambient temperature only

River Country Adjustable Smoker Thermometer RC-T4

River Country thermometer is yet another analog professional-grade thermometer that is sure to serve its purpose for years to come. Besides the highest accuracy and craftsmanship, this unit oozes durability as well. The outer display case is made from 304 stainless steel while the stem is comprised of the exclusive 316 stainless steel that protects it from the corrosive effects and high cooking temperatures.

The specially designed color coded full-range 4” dial is super easy to read even from a distance. It reads temperatures from 50 to 550 degrees F. The lens is hermetically sealed for no fog effect so do not expect any moisture finding its way in either. A little screw at the back of the unit allows you to calibrate the thermometer with ease.

It can be mounted to every smoker no matter how thin or thick the walls are. The stem is 3” long with the extra long 3/4” threaded portion for secure mounting. Installation is quick and easy, especially if you already have an appropriate 13/16” hole. Price is reasonable, and you receive one year of limited replacement warranty as well.


  • Durable Stainless Steel Construction
  • Color-Coded Dial allows for easy reading
  • Fog Proof Lens
  • Easy to set up


  • Cannot read the temperature inside the meat

Final Words: The Winner Declared

It is always hard for me to choose the best product as I review only high-quality and reliable products in the first place, but this time it is even more so because thermometers I have discussed have some huge differences.

From Bluetooth wireless technology to the good-old analog thermometers, I have compared the incomparable. For this reason, I will declare two winners of this round-up: the best remote smoker thermometer and the best analog smoker thermometer.

Let’s start with the “older.” American comedian George Burns once said that you cannot help getting older, but you don’t have to get old, and analog thermometers are proof of that. They might exist for a long time, but they are still widely used and appreciated for their precision.

Consequently, buying a DozyAnt 2″ 550F(2 Pack) BBQ Smoker Temp Gauge Grill Thermometer is definitely a good investment. It will last for years with minimal maintenance and serve its purpose flawlessly.

If you want to be in sync with the time you live in, you can’t go wrong with ThermoPro TP20 Wireless Remote Digital Meat Thermometer with Dual Probe. It is a reputable, reliable and precise unit that offers all the perks of new technologies.

I hope that you have found the best smoker thermometer for your needs and I leave you to prepare for the grilling season that is approaching. If you have some advice or suggestion, do share it with all of us.

Enjoy your smoked meat guys, I know I will! 🙂

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