Best Meat Cleaver Reviews 2020: Top 5+ Recommended

What is needed for a perfect meat dish? Quality meat, spices, and cooking are undoubted of great importance. However, the crucial stage of meat preparation is chopping, which requires high-quality meat cleaver.

Since I’ve been cooking for 20 years, I have used and changed numerous meat cleavers. From my experience, a terrible meat cleaver can give you headaches as well as ruin your meat.

Not to mention that there is always a chance of seriously hurting yourself while handling a poor quality cleaver. Therefore, you should think twice when choosing one.

What is the difference between cleavers and other kitchen knives? Why is it necessary to have a cleaver in your kitchen?

A clever is a huge knife with a broad blade. It can come in different shapes, but in most cases, it looks like a rectangular-bladed hatchet. It differs from other knives because it is used for cutting through bones and thicker parts of meat, which can be an impossible or strenuous job to do with regular kitchen knives.

In my opinion, everyone should have at least one cleaver in their kitchen because it facilitates the preparation of almost any dish.

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Usage of a meat cleaver

A cleaver is primarily used for chopping thinner and softer bones, like chicken ones. It can also easily separate ribs and joints.

However, a meat cleaver is not intended for chopping hard, thick and solid bones, such as beef bones. For that, the bone saw is used instead.

Apart from this, a cleaver is not necessarily used only in meat preparation, but it can also be used for cutting different kinds of fruits and vegetables, especially hard ones, like squash or pumpkin.

Moreover, you can make use of its broadside in crushing some vegetables (garlic for example).

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Things to look for when looking for a meat cleaver

Even though they all seem to be the same, there are some differences between meat cleavers. They might not be obvious at first sight, but they are usually very important.

As I am someone who has a large experience with kitchen tools and gadgets, I am here to advise you on which characteristics you should pay attention while picking the most appropriate meat cleaver.

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1. Versatility

Based on their sharpness and size, different meat cleavers might be specialized for cutting through different types of meat and bones.

If you are not a professional chef, you should think about buying a multipurpose cleaver which can be used for all kinds of meat as well as fruits and vegetables.

Picking such cleaver will save you a lot of time because you won’t have to change knives while preparing your meal. You might save some money too.

2. Handle

Most of cleavers’ blades are made of stainless steel, but there are some differences when it comes to handles. Some handles are made of wood and others are made of steel.

Also, there are one-piece cleavers, whose handles are not separated from blades. It is very important for a cleaver to have a good handle because it should be easy to grip and swing. In that way, it makes your chopping much easier and there are smaller chances that you will get hurt.

My advice is also to keep in mind that a handle should feel comfortable in your hand, since constant hacking may be very tiring.

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3. Size

Even though all meat cleavers have broad blades and are generally large, there are still differences between cleavers when it comes to their dimensions.

Logically, for tough meat, a broader blade should be used, while soft meat is easily handled with narrow edges.

Another thing to bear in mind is that larger cleavers demand more strength. So, if you are not a very strong person, you should probably consider buying a smaller one.

4. Balance

Balance is also a very important matter when it comes to cleavers. The weight of a blade and a handle should be well balanced if you want your cleaver to function properly. The cleaver should not be too heavy because it will be very difficult to use it.

On the other hand, if your cleaver is too light, it is highly probable that you are dealing with a poor quality cleaver which will be damaged sooner than you have expected. Light cleavers may not be able to cut through meat at once, but require several tries.

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Most Recommended Meat Cleaver You Can Get – Barbara’s Reviews 2020

1. 7 Inch Stainless Steel Meat Cleaver – Chopper By Utopia Kitchen

 This 7-inch meat cleaver was a very pleasant surprise to me since I hadn’t expected much.

The blade is made of stainless steel, and in comparison to some other cleavers, it is very sharp. I didn’t have any problems while cutting different kinds of meat, even the thicker ones. It also separates bones easily.

What’s more, chopping was effortless. For the woman of my weight, the size of the cleaver was just fine, and it was easy to handle. Also, the weight is well balanced, which made it even more suitable to use.

What I didn’t like very much about this cleaver is its handle. It is also made of stainless steel, but there is an extra plastic part added to it, which is used for gripping.

That plastic proved not to be highly durable, and after some time it detached from the rest of the cleaver. Even while it was in one piece, it was a bit slippery, and it was nearly impossible to use it with wet hands.

Things I Liked

  • A blade is very sharp and cuts precisely
  • The weight of the cleaver is well balanced
  • It can cut through various kinds of meat and vegetables
  • A reasonable price
  • Easy to handle and does not require much strength

Things I Didn’t Like

  • It has low maintenance
  • Poor quality of a handle

2. Imarku 7-Inch Stainless-Steel Chopper-Cleaver-Butcher Knife

Another 7- inch cleaver, but a little bit pricier in comparison to others. Because of that, I had higher expectations for this one, most of which were fulfilled. The best thing about this cleaver is that it can be literary used for all kinds of chopping, dicing, slicing and mincing.

While I used it, I did not need any other knife during the process of preparation because this cleaver managed to replace them all. The blade is really sharp and proved to be of excellent durability. If I compare it to other cleavers which I have used, this one is rather lightweight.

However, it was not too much and it did not affect its performance and quality.

The handle is made of pakka wood which seems to be all right. It wasn’t unpleasant to hold it. On the contrary, it was really comfortable in hand. Also, I didn’t have any problems with slipping which is very significant to me.

The thing I appreciate most about this cleaver is its lifetime warranty, which probably shows the manufacturer’s concern about the customer’s satisfaction with their product.

Things I Liked

  • The blade proved to be durable
  • It can be used for all kinds of cutting
  • It is very lightweight, but still not too much
  • The handle is comfortable to hold and it doesn’t slip away
  • It has a lifetime warranty

Things I Didn’t Like

  • More expensive than other cleavers

3. Winco 8″ Heavy Duty Chinese Cleaver with Wooden Handle

 The biggest advantage of this 8-inch Chinese meat cleaver over others is the price; it is probably an affordable price to everyone. I tried to use it for chopping all kinds of meat, but it didn’t work fine for all of them.

For example, it can easily cut through chicken and thin bones, but the problem was with thicker parts of pork and beef.

So, if you are thinking about buying this meat cleaver, you should bear in mind that its usage is rather restricted. Also, it is not heavy at all and it might be one of the reasons why it couldn’t cut through all kinds of meat.

As far as for the handle, it is made of wood. While I used it, I didn’t have any problems with the handle itself. It is pleasant in hand, and it doesn’t slip away.

As expected, the quality of this meat cleaver is questionable, both when it comes to the blade and the handle. The blade needs to be sharpened from time to time, and the wooden handle might eventually start splintering.

Things I Liked

  • The price is very affordable
  • The handle is comfortable to hold and it doesn’t slip away

Things I Didn’t Like

  • It is a poor quality cleaver which isn’t very durable
  • Its usage is restricted to specific meat and bones only
  • Too lightweight

4. DALSTRONG Cleaver – Gladiator Series – German HC Steel – 7″ (178 mm) – Sheath

 This 7-inch Dalstrong cleaver cost a bit more expensive when compared to other cleavers I have tried, but let’s say that it justified its price.

I used it for various purposes, and it proved to be good in all cases. It is possible to cut through bones and meat and various vegetables as well.

The weight is well balanced and I didn’t need to put a lot of effort into hacking. It is enough to swing it once and it will cut through meat for sure.

The handle is made of luxury black pakka wood and is fastened with three metal rivets which makes sure that the handle won’t loosen up.

The wood is polished and it will probably postpone its splintering.

It nicely fitted my hand and it wasn’t tiring to hold it. Also, it is not slippery at all and I didn’t have problems using it with wet hands.

The quality of the cleaver seems to be just fine and I think that it might last for a longer period of time.

Things I Liked

  • It can be used for cutting various kinds of meat and vegetables
  • It is lightweight and easy to use
  • A luxury handle which is very comfortable to use
  • It is not slippery at all
  • It is very durable

Things I Didn’t Like

  • The price is very high when compared to other cleavers

5. 7.2 Inch Chef Chinese Knife Meat Cleaver – Butcher Chopper by TradaFor

 I had a very pleasant and unexpected experience with this 7.2-inch Chinese cleaver.

Its price isn’t much when compared to its quality. The blade is very sharp and easily cuts through various kinds of meat, bones, and vegetables.

I didn’t need to use any other knife while utilizing this cleaver because it cuts everything, no matter how large or small pieces are.

Also, I didn’t have to put a lot of effort into actual cutting, as the cleaver is well balanced and easy to handle. It is neither too heavy, nor too light; just as it should be.

It has a wooden handle made of pakka wood, which seems to be of a higher quality.

It felt really comfortable in hand and the best thing is that it is not slippery at all. For now, this cleaver appears to be very durable and I predict that it will last longer.

Things I Liked

  • It is very sharp and easily cuts through various kinds of meat, chicken bones and vegetables
  • Well balanced and easy to handle
  • The handle is comfortable to hold and it doesn’t slip away
  • It is a long-lasting cleaver

Things I Didn’t Like

  • I couldn’t find any

Which of these cleavers is the best option?

Choosing the best one is always a tough job.

All the cleavers mentioned above have their pros and cons and the best way to pick the right one is to think about which one can fulfill all your needs carefully.

However, the cleaver which I would like to single out from others is Meat Cleaver – 7.2 Inch Professional Quality Kitchen Cutlery – Multipurpose Use by TradaFor.

For a reasonable price, it offers great durability and sturdy design.

Also, the cleaver is multipurpose and it can replace all other kitchen knives during the preparation of any kind of dish.

Finally, the most important thing is that it is very easy and safe to use. 🙂

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