You’re Just In Time For Lunch!

Hi, I’m Barbara Whitney and, for me, food is something special.

That unique smell of fresh cooking coming from the kitchen, bringing the family together and filling the whole house with an unmistakable aroma is something that can’t be replaced.

When a perfect lunch is set up, and everyone is gathered around the table, enjoying it, that’s when I feel the best.

That’s what we’re aiming for here – to bring that feeling to you. 

  • Food is more than just pure sustenance or a necessity. 
  • Food brings the family together.
  • Food is a unique experience.
  • Food is love. 

I believe that with a perfect meal you can achieve almost everything you want. That’s why I’m always cooking something. Here I’ll share my passion for food with all of you, every day. 

You’ll get everything you need here, from all my recipes and little cooking tips and secrets, up to advice for how to buy the best cookware and kitchen appliances to make sure everything goes smoothly.

If you follow me, you’ll learn everything you need to know to make your way around the kitchen and deliver good, hearty meals to hungry mouths, just like I’ve done for most of my life.

How I Got Here

Hi there, I'm Barbara Whitney. I’m always cooking something. How about you?

As a dedicated wife and mother of two, I have been cooking for more than 20 years, every single day. I’ve also enjoyed every second of it! There’s nothing like the feeling of satisfying your family with a perfectly cooked meal.

I believe that anyone can learn how to cook and enjoy it. All it takes is love and dedication, and you’ll be able to become a masterful cook! With proper help, you’ll be able to do it even faster.

Initially I thought I wouldn’t be of much help to anyone at all – after all, I’m not a trained chef, just someone with a lot of household experience.

Luckily, through talks with my friends over coffee I realized that it could be helpful. Lots of them asked for my advice on certain recipes, ingredients or kitchen appliances. Afterward, they would thank me and ask for more.

I realized I could make a positive change in the world and help people become better cooks. That I could help them feel that same fun and joy that comes with cooking the perfect meal for your loved ones. 

Here's me preparing a fresh salad for my hubby.

That was my mindset when I decided to start up KitchenByte – that everyone can be amazing in the kitchen and that everyone deserves to enjoy it. So, I started sharing my passion with everyone and soon I was met with a positive response. It was only a hobby for me, but it soon grew far beyond just that.

Over time, I learned a lot more about cooking myself and found some people to help me along the way. That’s where I am today – running KitchenByte and sharing my love for food with everyone with the help of my team.

Who Else Is Here?

While I’ve started working on KitchenByte alone, recently I’ve got some much-needed help. I do know a lot about cooking, but I certainly don’t know everything and some fresh perspectives are always helpful.

This is why I’ve brought Catherine and Jack on to the team, and they’ve helped me make KitchenByte better than it has ever been!

Catherine and Jack

I met Catherine online and instantly hit it off with her! She’s in the same position I used to be in, with two hungry kids always running around and asking for all sorts of new food. I was glad to help her out, and she helped me in turn.

Over time we met in person and shared many stories – and recipes – over coffee. I learned a lot of new things from her, and she’s been an immense help.

While I was fine with modifying some of her recipes and advice and posting it on the site myself, it never felt quite right. So, I eventually offered her to come onto the site as part of the team and share all of her knowledge directly with you. Since then, I’ve never looked back.

Jack was a helpful hand on the site since the start, and he was writing a few articles here and there while consulting with me on others. He’s the one who worked on developing the site behind the scenes, but as time went on, he came more and more to the front.

His input as a certified nutritionist has always been invaluable while his experience in spotting quality kitchen appliances has led to him becoming the site’s expert on shopping for premium kitchen goods.

Most importantly, they’re both my dear friends, and I’ve had them over for dinner many times, which was always delightful.

But don’t take it just from me – let them tell you something about themselves and what they do.



"Hi, I’m Catherine Copper and a long-time friend of Barbara’s. She helped me a lot, both with cooking and taking care of my kids and when she asked me to help with her blog, I simply jumped at the opportunity.

I’ve been blogging about food and cooking for a while, and I enjoy it immensely, though I sometimes have trouble fitting it into my busy schedule with my two jobs – one as a pharmacy technician, the other as a mother of two.

I love
making new recipes and sharing them with others, which comes in handy since my kids are quite picky eaters and I often have to improvise.

If you want to learn how to make delicious food on the fly using only the ingredients you happen to have in the fridge, I have you covered!"

Catherine Copper​​ - Pharmacy Technician, Mother of Two and a Passionate Food Blogger



"My name is Jack Davidson, and I have been with Barbara almost since the beginning. For me, this used to be a freelance project – just working on the development of the site and offering occasional advice to Barbara as a certified nutritionist.

After a while, though, I realized it was more to me than just another project and Barbara was more than a client or a coworker – she was my friend. Since then we’ve evolved into an inseparable team, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love shopping for food and thinking up new ways to cook old favorites while adding a healthy and delicious flare to them. It’s something that’s come out of necessity but has become a passion over time.

While I’m quite well-off now, I’m used to living on a small budget and figured out
how to get good food and great kitchen appliances while keeping your wallet almost intact. If you’ve got any dilemmas about that or want to find some great new food-related resources on the internet, I’m your guy. I hope I’ll be able to work with Barbara and share my knowledge with you for years to come."

Jack Davidson​​ - Nutritionist, Cooking Enthusiast, Web Developer & Food Writer

What’s On The Table?

You might be wondering about all the type of content you’ll be getting served here on KitchenByte, and I’ll give you a little taste.

  • For an appetizer, you’ll be served some of the best buying guides on the web that’ll help you decide which kitchen utensils, appliances, and gadgets you should get.
  • The main course consists of the recipes, of course. There’s a wide variety of them, most by me, though there are some great ones by both Catherine and Jack, and more are on the way. There’s always something cooking around here.
  • For dessert, you can have a ton of tasty kitchen tips. You’ll find tips on how to freeze food, reheat it, which substitutes to use, which spices are the best for certain foods, which food pairings work well, tips on how to use leftovers and more!

We’re always looking to expand, and in the future, you’ll get loads of new content that you won’t be able to swallow in one bite. If you want to get info on what’s going to be coming in the future, be sure to subscribe to KitchenByte right now to get it all as soon as it comes out of the oven!

Inside you’ll find all about properly reheating chicken wings and making some delicious recipes with them!

Don’t miss it and get it while it’s still hot!

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The Kitchen Cheat Sheet: The Kitchen Optimization Hacks

The Printable Kitchen Cheat Sheet

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to use the exact ingredients you mentioned?
  • In an ideal world, the answer would be yes, but I know that no one can get a hold of every single ingredient, so you learn how to improvise. My recipes are made with that in mind. You don’t need to use the exact ingredients listed – if you get an adequate substitute, it should work just as well. My team and I have even written some articles about substitute ingredients on the blog that you should check out if you’re ever in doubt.
What if a recipe doesn’t turn out as it should?
  • You shouldn’t fret too much about it – simply try again. Cooking is an art, and every kitchen and cook are unique. No recipe is ever going to turn out exactly the same every time, and things might not work out sometimes even if you follow the recipe to the letter. The most important thing is not to blame the recipe – instead, try to see what went wrong and fix it. If you need to modify the recipe, so it fits you or your kitchen, so be it. Try again and keep trying until you get it right – I’m sure you can do it!
What if I never cooked before? Can I use your recipes?
  • Of course! I started this blog to help people realize the joy of cooking and every recipe here is written with beginners in mind! Anyone should be able to make them given that they have the proper ingredients and kitchen tools. It might take a few tries to get it right if you’re completely new, but you’ll manage to do it eventually, just keep at it.
Are your recipes good for dieting?
  • Some certainly are. Jack, who’s part of my team, is a certified nutritionist and he often gives me great advice on how to make some of my more ‘hearty’ recipes a bit leaner and healthier without losing out on the flavor. Most of the time, I take his advice. Here are just some of the healthy recipes that you can find on KitchenByte, which might help with your diet.
How do I store leftovers?
What about freezing the food?
What are the best pots or pans to use for this specific recipe?
  • That’s a difficult question since not everyone will have access to the exact same set of pots, pans, and other kitchen utensils. Try to use the ones recommended in the recipe, or the closest possible equivalent. If you’re having trouble finding good pieces of kitchen equipment and cookware, there are plenty of good article on the topic right here on KitchenByte.
How do I find a specific recipe or information on a specific ingredient on the site?
  • If you want to find something specific, it’s not too difficult. There’s a search function on the website – it’s on the right when you’re reading any article. Just type in what you’re looking for and press the search icon. The site itself is divided into three distinct categories that you can find on the top – Recipes, Kitchen Tips, and Utensils & Gadgets. You can also use that to find what you’re looking for.
Do you have a cookbook?
  • As of now, I haven’t decided to make a complete cookbook – though it is something I’m considering. For now, you can take a look at my free e-book that’s all about reheating chicken wings and making delicious meals with them! You just need to subscribe to get it! 

Have some leftover wings? Click here to download my free recipe eBook and make some fantastic dishes with reheated chicken wings today! It's totally FREE!

Can I reuse your recipes on my blog?
  • For ages, cooking has been passed down by word of mouth – by people sharing recipes they’ve learned about with others. The internet has made that slightly faster but not too different, and I respect that tradition. However, copying a recipe wholesale is not something I appreciate since I believe that everyone should put their own spin on every dish they make, their own little personal touch. In short – yes, you can share my recipes with others, but only if you modify them at least a little bit, so they’re uniquely your own.