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How To Reheat Shrimp: Barbara’s Four Proven Methods

Yesterday, the boys surprised me by saying they want to make dinner by themselves. We had shrimp the day before, so I thought: Why not make this a valuable lesson about not wasting food?  Of course, it turned into much more, since my boys didn’t know how to reheat shrimp. If you’re not entirely sure yourself, stick around […]

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How To Reheat Crab Legs: Barbara’s Summer Special

Reheating food shouldn’t be difficult and foreign to anyone. You should use all of the food you got instead of throwing it away. Today I will show you how to reheat crab legs. I love to prepare seafood in the summertime, it’s light and it pairs perfectly with refreshing herbs. Summer meals should be light, refreshing and […]

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The Best Way To Reheat Turkey Without Losing The Flavor

Have you ever had turkey leftovers? In Canada and USA, turkey is served as the main course for Thanksgiving. Even though the history of the Thanksgiving turkey is a mystery, I’m sure that nobody has a problem with it. In many other countries all around the world, it is served as the main course of Christmas feasts. […]

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