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From delicious lunch ideas to fabulous deserts and interesting breakfasts, we're striving to share splendid recipes and ideas that take less time but taste amazing.

Follow along and enjoy a tasty bite with us!

Kitchen knowledge comes with time, and experience. From time to time, from one question to another - my team and I are here to help you.

This is an everyday kitchen advice section which everyone needs.

Utensils, electronic or gas-powered, high-tech or old school;
we inspect and review everything, so you don't have to.

Nothing happens in the kitchen without the proper gear.

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  • Fresh ingredients, always!
  • Best practices for food preparation
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"Barbara’s Slushy"

Here’s my sorbet-slushy on the counter table before it will disappear in 30 secs by a hungry beast - my son!

A Perfect Healthy Cool-Off For The Summer

Barbara's healthy choco bars

Marvelous chocolate with less sugar

Pistachio for added nutritional value & texture

Cranberries for amazing taste & color

Healthy, easy to make, fantastic taste

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meet our team

This little site grew from a hobby project into a system with several people involved. Since the early beginnings, the site's energy and visual presentation was focused on Barbara's uniqueness, but now there's more into Kitchen Byte than before. Meet the peeps behind this site:

Catherine Cooper

Pharmacy Technician, Mother of Two and a Passionate Food Blogger

I've met Barbara a while ago, as we shared many ideas over coffee. She invited me to be a part of this food blog. Now I'm focused on creating something new and inspiring for all the cooks around the world.

Jack Davidson

Nutritionist, Cooking Enthusiast, Web Developer & Food Writer

We started this project on a freelance basis, but as time went by, I've realized that we've become a team which couldn't go one without the other. Kitchen Byte is my passion, and I'm trying to make it better every day!

Barbara Whitney

Devoted Wife & Mom of Two

There's always a reason for a good snack, lunch, or dinner. My family enjoys my cooking for the last 20+ years, and there's no better feeling when your family praises your food. I've tried thousands of recipes, hundreds of utensils, kitchen gadgets, and I'm always after kitchen improvement tips, tricks, and some good bites!