The team is comprised of six Ryerson University students currently taking a co-operative super course called Mobility & Mixed Reality.

The team consists of the following students:

  • Alex Basso – New Media
  • Billy Chan – New Media
  • Dylan Didiano – New Media
  • Daniel Harley – MA Media Production
  • Stefan Despot – Computer Science
  • Joseph Lai – Computer Science

The goal is to convert a kitchen tabletop/countertop into a gesture-based interactive platform to explore how we can utilize enhanced information to add to the cooking experience.

The prototype will use a Kinect camera and a projector to display a simple user-interface onto a kitchen table. Kinect libraries will be used to create unique gestures. Tagged objects within the environment will be given functions based on colour-coding and/or position.

Progress Photos Interface Projection

Testing the projection of interface. Here is the early beta:

RC4 Conference Photos

Below are some photos when demonstrating the product to some professionals at 2014’s RC4 Conference at the DMZ:

Kitchen Byte Demo Video

Below is the first demo video of how the Kitchen Byte interaction would theoretically work:

Kitchen Byte (Interactive Kitchen Concept Video)

This is the video displaying the Kitchen Byte concept:

Final Kitchen Byte Promo & Beta Video

Below is the final Kitchen Byte Promo & Beta video:

This is an amazing open source project where development on how projectors and cameras can aid us in the future technologies of the kitchen.

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